Group Leader Information
Academic Programme

Most of our students have studied English before and the course material is intended to revise and extend previous knowledge with the emphasis on oral/aural skills. Teachers try to avoid lessons where students are silently studying texts, answering questions or doing exercises for long periods, and encourage pair and group work.

All students are tested on arrival and placed in one of 5–6 levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

Excursion lessons and weekly tests have been programmed into the timetable. The excursion lesson is a chance for the students to learn more about the destinations on offer that week. The weekly test is a chance for students to show what they have learned, and for teachers to check the students are in the right level. Students do not receive homework on this course. Please note that certificates are only given to students who attend at least 90% of lessons.


Lessons are likely to take place some mornings and some afternoons (and in some cases mornings only). Lesson shift pattern is allocated pre arrival. 

Course books

Students are not given course books to take home; these are available on a loan-set basis only, to be taken to class at the beginning of every lesson and collected later. 

Please note that as we use loan-sets, students MUST NOT WRITE IN THEIR COURSEBOOKS — please ensure that this is explained to them clearly.

Lesson observation

It may be possible to observe a small number of lessons — this is limited to 2 lessons per week. Lesson observation must be arranged with the Director of Studies. 

Class changes for your students

You must consult the Director of Studies (DOS) if you feel that your students have been placed in classes at the wrong level. Please do not give the student the impression that they will be moved until the Director of Studies has formally agreed to the change. 

Decisions regarding class changes are made after consultation with the DOS, teacher, student and Group Leader and only made if there is space in the new class. 

Nobody can change class without first consulting the DOS. Students cannot change class simply to be with their friends!