Group Leader Information

Residential accommodation

Boys and girls are usually housed in different boarding houses or parts of the buildings (unless in single en-suite bedrooms). Boys are not allowed in the girls’ areas and vice versa.

If you have any students who are particularly homesick, please ensure that the staff are aware of this.

Home stay accommodation

Students are generally placed in twin bedrooms during the busy summer period with students of the same age group and sex. Students are usually placed with a student of another nationality. In host families it is not unusual for students to share with their friends in the group. Every attempt is made to house students in families as close as possible to the school but in the busy summer period this may be up to a 30-minute walk or a short bus ride from the school.

It is important for you to ensure that students abide by the home stay curfew of 21.30 for under 16s and 22.30 for 16–17 year olds.

Student requests

Any accommodation or sharing requests should be sent to Kings at least 4 WEEKS IN ADVANCE. We always do our best to fulfil accommodation requests but cannot guarantee this. 

Please note that students cannot change room without permission from the Centre Manager or Residence Manager in the case of home stay.

It is also Kings Policy to mix the students with students of other nationalities as far as possible unless requested to do otherwise in advance of the summer.

Students are expected to make their beds and keep their rooms tidy.  


Please see location-specific GetSet guides for laundry arrangements.

Dry cleaning and special treatments for delicate clothes are not available. All student clothes should be labelled with their name.

Please note: Kings shall not be liable for student property that is damaged or lost during the laundry process. Student clothing is laundered by Kings at the students’ own risk.