Group Leader Information
Activity Programme

Depending on the type of course the activity programme may vary. The information below gives you a general overview of the daytime, evening and excursion programmes. However it is important to check individual centre timetables for further clarification.

Daytime activities

Residential Summer Centres and Vacation Extra courses

Each activity morning or afternoon is usually divided into 2 separate activity sessions and each session lasts approximately 90 minutes. Students have a short break between each activity session. All students are offered a choice of activities per session so everyone should be able to try everything during their stay.

Attendance at activities is compulsory for students under the age of 18. The weekly activities schedule will be shown on the weekly timetable.

Evening activities

Residential Summer Centre programmes include an evening activity every day in all Centres. In Bournemouth, Brighton, London (Beckenham) and Oxford, 3 or 4 evening activities take place. For other locations, details of the evening activities are shown on the weekly timetables.

Students under the age of 18 are expected to attend evening activities.


The Residential Centre and Vacation Extra programmes include a minimum of a weekly full-day excursion and a half-day excursion and usually more — please see the weekly timetables for further details on this. Entrance fees are included for some (but not all) full-day and half-day excursions. 

There may be a choice of excursions so please speak to the Centre Manager as soon as possible if you would like to reserve spaces on a particular excursion for your group. Excursion departure times can vary from week to week — please check the departure times on your weekly timetable and please ensure that your group is on time. The coach will not wait for students who are late!

Students will be provided with a packed lunch on full-day excursions and some half-day excursions.

Please note that you will be expected to supervise your group whilst on excursions. Please ensure that your students:

  • Listen to instructions
  • Arrive back at the coach ON TIME!
  • Do not leave litter on the coach
  • Do not leave their personal belongings on the coach
  • Carry their student card at all times.