Group Leader Information
Discipline and School Rules

Whilst recognising that the students are here on holiday and to have a good time it is very important a certain level of considerate and respectful behaviour is adhered to. This should ensure that everyone enjoys their experience in the UK or USA and should also ensure that more serious behavioural issues do not develop.

Student discipline

Students will have an induction/orientation on their first day of lessons as to our campus rules and regulations and will also be given a code of conduct to sign. However we also very much encourage Group Leaders to actively promote good behaviour in their students.

At all times, please discourage the following by talking to the students concerned:

  • Running, pushing, shouting in corridors/restaurant etc, playing loud music, spitting, swearing, general vulgar or offensive behaviour, racist or discriminatory comments, standing on desks, leaning out of windows, littering, general rowdiness.
  • Fighting or bullying should be reported immediately to the Centre Management team.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off during lessons and organised activities.

We will not tolerate students who are aggressive, bullying, rude or disrespectful to each other, to members of staff or to members of the public.

The teachers are given discipline instructions regarding students behaving unacceptably in class or outside the classroom. Students must understand that they will be sent home after they have been warned 3 times and their parents and their agents will be notified.

Kings reserves the right to immediately expel a student who is found to be stealing, bullying, fighting, drinking alcohol, consuming illegal substances or who is constantly rude, disruptive or violent. A student who is expelled will be sent home immediately at the expense of the parents.

General School Rules

Below is a list of some of the rules at all our campuses:

Smoking Alcohol and Drugs

A lot of of our partner colleges/schools are smoke free. Adults wishing to smoke will need to check with each individual site as some of the campuses we use do not permit smoking anywhere on their premises. Alcohol and illegal drugs are not permitted at all on site for leaders or students (despite of age) and use of either will lead to expulsion.


Please ensure that you and your students are on time for both lessons and activities. If your students arrive more than 5 minutes late for class, they may not be allowed to enter class until the next lesson begins. If students are late on a regular basis, a note will be made in the register and your students may not receive a course certificate. It is extremely easy for students to get into bad habits and start arriving late for lessons. Please encourage your students to be in the classroom on time after breaks.

Food and drink

Food and drink (except for bottles of water) are not permitted in the classroom. Please be strict with students who disobey this rule. Chewing gum is not permitted in the school.

Mobile phones

It is not possible to speak to students during lesson times or during activity times. Students are welcome to bring their own mobile phones but they are responsible for looking after them.

If bringing a mobile phone, please remember to bring an electrical adaptor for the charger. Please put the student’s name on both the phone and the charger.

Please ensure that your students phone their parents regarding their safe arrival in the UK or USA and maintain contact with their family on a regular basis.

Please note there can often be a weak mobile phone signal at some Summer Centres.

Classroom tidiness/ end-of-the-day routine

Please encourage your students to be tidy in class and to put their litter in the bin!

English-only policy

We operate an English-only policy throughout the school. Please encourage your students to speak English at all times! English is the only language that can be used in the classroom. Students who regularly use their own language in lessons may be excluded from lessons and this will affect their attendance record. This policy is more relaxed in the school restaurants/ gardens.


Students are expected to make their beds (and in the US change their bed linen weekly) and keep their rooms tidy.

ID Cards

Students will be issued with an ID card on arrival and should be made aware to keep it with them throughout their stay.

Discipline Procedure

  • First Warning — if a student behaves unacceptably, they will be asked to stay behind after class/ activity and they will be given a first official warning. Their behaviour will be recorded in writing on a bad behaviour form.
  • Second Warning — if the student behaves badly again, the same procedure will be followed. In addition, their group leader will be informed and the student may receive a punishment such as missing an activity or being given extra homework to complete.
  • Third Warning — if the student behaves badly once again, they will be sent to the Centre Manager and they will receive a third written warning and may be given another punishment such as missing an excursion or being moved to a new class or boarding house. Their group leader and/or parents will be informed and the student will be informed that they are now on final warning and that any further bad behaviour could result in expulsion or transfer to another centre.
  • Fourth Step — at this stage the student may be expelled or transferred to another centre (this will be at the discretion of the Centre Manager).

Please note that in the case of expulsion or transfer, no refund is given and all travel expenses will be charged to the student/ parent.

At every stage, the student will be given an opportunity to improve their behaviour but continuous bad behaviour will not be accepted.

Complaints Policy

We believe that Kings Summer provides an excellent service and that our staff work very hard to build positive relationships with all our colleagues, students, parents and agents.

At Kings we will always endeavour to resolve a complaint promptly and fairly.

Complaints procedures:

  • Any student complaints or concerns should be made directly to their group leader or the Centre Management.
  • Any group leader complaints should be made directly to the Centre Management.
  • Any agency complaints should be made directly to the Kings Management team.
  • Any staff complaints should be made directly to the Centre Management or, if necessary, the Kings Management team.
  • All complaints are heard and responded to on a case-by-case basis.
  • All complaints are recorded in a complaints book or logged by the Kings Management team and appropriate action taken.
  • If it is felt that a complaint has not been heard or responded to fairly, then a written complaint should be made and given to the Centre Management or sent to the Kings Management team.
  • All complaints, verbal or written, are responded to and dealt with as soon as possible.

In order to ensure stakeholders are aware of the complaints procedure and policy we:

  • Make clear in our student and Group Leader information who they should talk to in the event they wish to make a formal complaint.
  • Make clear in our staff handbook who staff should contact in the event they wish to make a formal complaint.

Please note: All complaints are treated confidentially and acknowledged within 24 hours.

Kings Central Office contact: