Group Leader Information
Health and Safety

Dealing with sick students

If a student is unwell and unable to come to lessons, please contact a member of staff as soon as possible. If your student needs to see a doctor, please arrange this with the Centre Manager. Many minor ailments can be dealt with by going to the pharmacy and you will probably be asked to accompany the student to the local pharmacy before making a doctor’s appointment (unless the student is clearly in need of urgent medical attention).

Please encourage your students to tell someone if they feel ill, they can speak with the Welfare Manager direclty if the illness is personal and require confidential treatment! The Centre Management must be informed of all student illness.

Please note that Group Leaders are expected to accompany their students to the pharmacy/ doctor/ hospital, give medication to their students as required and liaise with agents/ parents. 

If a student is ill on an excursion day, Group Leaders are expected to remain with the ill student on-campus/ in home stay.

Fire drills

During the course there will be frequent fire drills. In the instance of a fire drill (or real fire), please ensure all students leave the building quickly and calmly and to go to the nearest Assembly Point as quickly as possible. During a fire drill, you will be expected to supervise your students.

Once at the Assembly Point, please help our staff by checking that all your students are present and report to the Centre Manager. Up-to-date rooming lists are always kept in the residential centre offices or, in the case of home stay, up-to-date records are kept with our Accommodation teams. 

Child safeguarding

All our staff are appropriately trained in child safeguarding and all are background checked.

Click here to download the Kings Summer Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy pdf

Visiting students

If a parent or family member wishes to visit a student on campus, or temporarily remove a student from the programme, they must inform Kings Central Office at least 24 hours in advance and complete documentation required.

We are unable to release students to anybody, including family members, without previous communication.