Group Leader Information


In order to ensure we are giving the best possible service to you there are a few pieces of paperwork we ask you to complete. We welcome all feedback from our clients and ask you to be open and honest in your appraisal of our services.  

Group Leader End-of-Week-1 Questionnaire This is completed in your first week and gives us an idea of your initial impressions and lets us know of any areas we need to improve on.
Group Leader End-of-Course Questionnaire This is very useful for our winter planning and our feedback analysis at the end of the season.
Excursion Questionnaire We like Group leaders to give honest feedback on our destinations, transport, and staff on the excursions we offer in an attempt to ensure we provide the right kind of excursions for your groups.
Damage and incident forms It is important for both you and for Kings to have a written record of any incidents or damages that might happen within your group so Kings record these or have you record anything you may feel needs to be documented.

Should you ever wish to make a more formal complaint please see Discipline and School Rules: Complaints Policy.


When you travel you need to feel confident that everything is done to ensure you and your students are safe and protected.

We have developed an insurance policy which is specifically designed for international students and suggest that this insurance is taken out by all, to protect against loss of possessions as well as accident or emergency. 

You can, of course, have your own insurance for your group (or your agent may have organised insurance for you) but it is mandatory, especially in the USA, that insurance documents are shown on arrival at the centre if Kings insurance has not been taken out. 

For all students who purchase Kings insurance in the USA:

Most non-emergency related medical or dental treatments will require out of pocket payment which can be claimed back through filling a claim with the insurance company. If covered, the costs will be reimbursed partially or in full, subject to the Travel Insurance Policy. A detailed copy of the Policy can be obtained from the Admissions Department.