Group Leader Information
Your Duties

Group leaders are essential to the smooth running of the centre. We ask all Group Leaders to sign a Group Leader Contract with Kings which clearly outlines their duties.

Group Leaders' duties

Group Leaders are expected to:

  • Generally help their students to settle in to life at the Centre and to ensure that their students integrate fully with the other students, join activities, participate fully in lessons and generally have an enjoyable and educational experience!
  • Be available at all times to assist with the supervision and discipline of their students.
  • Encourage students to speak English at all times.
  • Ensure that students are eating correctly and are looking after their own personal hygiene.
  • Attend activities and excursions with their students (Group Leaders will be counted towards the supervisory ratios of their own students).
  • Help ensure that all students behave well at all times.
  • Help ensure that their students abide by the school rules and the school code of conduct.
  • Accompany their students to the pharmacy, doctor, dentist, hospital, etc. if necessary.
  • Look after their students if they are ill.
  • Accompany their students to the embassy, police station, airline office, as necessary in the case of lost ticket/ passport, etc.
  • Liaise between parents/ students/ agents/ the school etc. in the case of health, personal or disciplinary issues, etc.
  • Ensure that students don’t cause disruption after bedtime (residential courses)/ Ensure students get home safely from evening activities (home stay).

Group Leader meetings

There will be a compulsory Group Leader meeting every week. You will be given the meeting time and place on arrival. These meetings are a great place to get to know the staff and other Group Leaders and important information is given out at each meeting. It is also your opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

There will also be regular compulsory excursion meetings throughout the week to inform you about the plans for each excursion.