Residential Summer Centres

The accommodation at Brighton College Prep School is modern, newly refurbished and finished to a high standard.

The accommodation is arranged in one residence with students accommodated in singles or twins (the residential option) or with our network of selected host families in twins (homestay option).

The residence has a number of common areas where students can relax with their friends, listen to music, etc. The kitchen is not available for cooking.

Rooms do not have locks, for safety reasons. Therefore, we would advise students not to bring items of great value and to bring locks for their suitcases in order to provide a safer storage area. Please note that Kings cannot accept responsibility for any items left in the student's bedroom. Remember: students are able to place their money in the school bank.

There are staff in the residence to supervise children at night and to help the children in case of problems. The staff will also make sure that no children are scared or homesick at night.

Classrooms are a 2-minute walk from the residence block and are based in the Prep School. Please note that you will be required to vacate the room in the morning of your departure day as instructed by the management team on-site (approximately 9.00 – 10.00am).


Communal bathrooms are situated in each boarding house. Ratio is approximately 6:1. Boys and girls have separate bathrooms. 


An optional laundry service is included in the cost for all students. Dry cleaning and special treatments for delicate clothes are not available.

Please label all clothing with the student's name.

Please note: Kings shall not be liable for student property that is damaged or lost during the laundry process. Student clothing is laundered by Kings at the students' own risk.