Residential Summer Centres

The accommodation at Moreton Hall is modern, simple and comfortable.

The accommodation is arranged in different residential houses around the campus. Parents and children share a twin (or triple) en-suite room. On the Parent and Child course only, most bedrooms can be locked (please ask for a key on arrival) but please note that the school accepts no responsibility for items or money left in bedrooms. All wardrobes can be padlocked.

Each house has a student common room where students can relax with their friends, watch TV, listen to music, etc.

We would advise students not to bring items of great value and to bring locks for their suitcases in order to provide a safer storage area.


An optional laundry service is included in the cost for students staying 3 weeks or longer. 

Dry cleaning and special treatments for delicate clothes are not available.

Please label all clothing with the student’s name.

Please note Kings shall not be liable for student property that is damaged or missing during the laundry process. Student clothing is laundered by Kings at the students’ own risk.