Residential Summer Centres
Health and Safety

Illness and medical treatment

Moreton Hall will have a Nurse on site for two hours every day, Monday to Friday. Exact times will be posted in all accommodation at the beginning of each week.

If a student feels ill, they must tell a member of staff immediately. Many of the staff are trained first-aiders.

If a student has a cold or minor illness, we will arrange for the student to go to the Nurse for advice and medicine. For more serious illnesses or where advised by the Nurse, we will arrange for the student to visit the doctor. If a student has an accident or is seriously ill, we will arrange for them to go to hospital.

IMPORTANT — if a student has a medical condition such as asthma or an allergy, please inform the school in writing at the time of booking. The student should also bring a note with details of their illness with them.

IMPORTANT — if a student requires a particular medicine, please ensure that the student brings the medicine with them to school. Please notify the school in writing in advance and please ensure that the student brings a note to school with details of their medication and that the student informs the school staff.

IMPORTANT — students from Europe should bring an up-to-date EHIC card to ensure that they receive free medical treatment (there will be a charge for medicines). All students should ensure that they have adequate medical/ travel insurance. This can be booked through Kings if you wish.

Fire safety

There are regular fire evacuation practices.

Child safeguarding

All staff are appropriately trained in child safeguarding and all are background checked.