Residential Summer Centres
Health and Safety

Student care

At Kings Summer we all have a duty to safeguard the wellbeing of students and ensure that they are not at risk of harm. Kings Summer staff members share this responsibility with the group leaders for those students who are part of a group. Kings Staff are solely responsible for individuals.

Our centres and locations have all been selected for their safe and secure environments, and we offer high levels of supervision. We have rules and procedures in place for all our young students to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

We have Welfare Managers in each centre, to ensure that students have someone to look after them and listen to them if they have any questions or need advice or support at any time.

Our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy can be viewed here:

Illness and accident

If a student feels ill, they must tell a member of staff immediately. There is always at least one trained first-aider on site. 

If a student has a cold or minor illness, we will arrange for the student to go to the pharmacy for advice and medicine. For more serious illnesses or where advised by the pharmacy, we will arrange for the student to visit the doctor. If a student has an accident or is seriously ill, we will arrange for them to go to hospital. 

IMPORTANT — if a student has a medical condition such as asthma or an allergy, please inform the school in writing at the time of booking. The student should also bring a note with details of their illness with them. Please note that we do not have facilities for children with disabilities.

IMPORTANT — if a student requires a particular medicine, please ensure that the student brings the medicine with them to school. Please notify the school in writing in advance and please ensure that the student brings a note (in English) to school with details of their medication and that the student informs the school staff.

IMPORTANT — students from Europe should bring an up-to-date EHIC card to ensure that they receive free medical treatment (there will be a charge for medicines). All students should ensure that they have adequate medical/ travel insurance. This can be booked through Kings if they wish.

Emergency situations

If there is an emergency that a member of Kings staff cannot deal with, the Emergency Services should be called on 999 in the UK.

Fire safety

All students will receive instruction, within 24 hours of arrival, on what do if a fire alarm sounds, and there will be regular fire drills during their stay. Should the fire alarm sound, students always need to evacuate and meet at the pre-arranged meeting point.

It is an offence to set off a fire alarm for no reason, or to play with fire safety equipment. Anyone found doing so will be liable to pay a fine and may also be asked to leave the school.

Visiting students

If a parent or family member wishes to visit a student on campus, or temporarily remove a student from the programme, they must inform Kings Summer Central Office at least 24 hours in advance and complete documentation required.

We are unable to release students to anybody, including family members, without previous communication.