Vacation Extra Centres
At the airport

If the student is booked with the airline as an unaccompanied minor, it is VERY IMPORTANT to inform us in advance. 

Students will be met at the Airport by a Kings guide or an appointed Driver.

Upon Arrival at the Airport

The student should collect their luggage — if on an international flight, they will also go through passport control and customs inspection first.

Go to the airport information desk where the driver will be waiting. The driver will be holding a sign that says JASMIN LIMO. The driver should be able to find the student within 15 minutes.

If the student cannot find their driver, they should:

  1. Ask to use the phone at the information desk.
  2. Call the transfer service on +1 857 251 9818 and tell the driver which terminal they are in (A, B, C, etc.) for the driver to find them.
  3. If they are unable to reach someone at this number, call +1 508 933 4978

If the student's flight is delayed:

  1. Call the transfer service on +1 857 251 9818.
  2. If they are unable to reach someone at this number, call +1 508 933 4978.
  3. If contact cannot be made, call the Kings emergency phone number +1 888 523 2522, or contact by Whatsapp +1-617-418-0024.

It is important not to panic and remain within the terminal building. Airports are big and busy, but Kings has been collecting students for many years. We will look after them!

We advise all students to travel with the following documents:

  • Passport (with Visa if required)
  • Kings Booking Confirmation Letter. This document may be requested by immigration on arrival.