Vacation Extra Centres
At College

During the course, the Vacation Extra programme will normally be run in two shifts. This means, for example, that the students could have lessons in the mornings or afternoon. Activities take place in the opposite time of the day.


Students will have a test on their first Monday morning. Their host family/ residence manager will provide them with details of the time of their test and location. When they do their test, students will be given information regarding their first day at college.

Welcome and orientation

On Monday students will also receive a welcome talk, orientation, a tour of the college and a walking tour of Bournemouth. During the welcome talk they will receive a welcome pack, their timetables and a map.

Attendance rules

90% attendance = CERTIFICATE
Less than 90% = NO CERTIFICATE!

If a student is absent for any reason, they must inform the Course Coordinator.


Students must be on time for their lessons and activities. If they are late, they will be marked absent.

Mobile phones

Please ensure students switch mobile phones OFF or to SILENT before coming into class. Students must not make or receive calls in class, and must not send text messages. If they do not obey this rule, their teacher may take their phone away. If a student is expecting an important phone call, they must speak to their teacher before the lesson.