Vacation Extra Centres
At home with a British family

General Homestay rules and advice

  • If students are over 16, their Host Family will give them a key, which they must look after carefully.
  • The Host Family must be given the student's mobile phone number for use in emergencies.
  • If a student goes out in the evenings, they must always tell their Host Family where they are going and approximately what time they will be back home.
  • If students are aged 14–15, they are allowed to go out unsupervised but MUST be home each night at 21.30 unless with their group leader.  
  • If students are aged 16–17, they are advised to return home by 22.30 each night. If they consistently stay out later than this advised time, a curfew will be set and their parents/agents will be informed.
  • The Host Family will want the student to feel part of the family, but students should not forget that they are a guest in their home.
  • Students should talk to their Host Family — this is the best way to improve their English.
  • House rules and meal times must be respected. If a student thinks they will be late for a meal, or wants to stay out late, they must let their Host Family know.
  • Students should always be polite and friendly.
  • The student should ask their Host Family before inviting friends to visit.
  • They shouldn't be nervous about asking for the Host Family's help.
  • Students must always carry their student card.

Looking after your bedroom

The Host Family will clean the student's room and wash their bed sheets, but the student must keep their bedroom tidy and make the bed each morning.

Students must not put up posters in their room. It can damage the paint/wallpaper.

They should be careful with nail varnish, shoe polish and anything that could stain. If a student breaks or damages anything, they must tell their Host Family and expect to pay for a repair!

The bedroom light should not be kept on all night, as it wastes electricity.

If the student feels cold, they can ask their Host Family for another blanket.

In the bathroom

Most homes will have a bathroom that they share with all members of the household.  Students can take a daily bath or shower, but should think of the other members of the family, making sure they leave the bathroom clean and tidy after they have used it.

Students must provide their own toiletries, such as shampoo and soap. 

If they are not sure how the shower works, for example, students should ask the Host Family to explain.


An optional laundry service is included in the cost for all students.
Dry cleaning and special treatments for delicate clothes are not available.

All clothing must be labelled with the student’s name.

Please note: Kings shall not be liable for student property that is damaged or lost during the laundry process. Student clothing is laundered by Kings at the students’ own risk.