Vacation Extra Centres
Discipline and College rules

We want all our students to have a good time and feel relaxed and safe so it’s essential for everyone to follow the college rules.

General College rules

  • Rude/ disruptive/ bullying behaviour will not be tolerated
  • No stealing (immediate expulsion)
  • No alcohol or drugs (immediate expulsion)
  • No weapons (including toy guns, pen knives, etc.)
  • No swearing or offensive language
  • Smoking in the building is strictly prohibited
  • Mobile telephones MUST be switched OFF during lessons and during activities (or they will be confiscated)
  • English only please — students must try and speak English as much as possible. Students are NOT ALLOWED to speak their own language during lesson time
  • Students who damage college property or tamper with fire alarm systems will be charged and may be referred to the Police
  • Students must be polite and respectful to the college staff and to other students.

Kings reserves the right to immediately expel a student who is found to be stealing, bullying, fighting, drinking alcohol or who is constantly rude, disruptive or violent. A student who is expelled may be sent to another school or sent home immediately at the expense of the parents.

Discipline procedure

First Warning — If a student behaves unacceptably, they will be asked to stay behind and they will be given a first official warning. Their behaviour will be recorded on a ‘Bad Behaviour Form’.

Second Warning — If the student behaves badly again, the same procedure will be followed. In addition the student may receive a punishment such as missing an activity or being given extra homework to complete.

Third Warning — If the student behaves badly once again, they will be sent to the Vacation Programme Director and they will receive a third written warning and may be given another punishment. Their parents will be informed and the student will be informed that they are now on a final warning and that any further bad behaviour could result in expulsion.

Fourth Step — At this stage the student may be expelled. For serious offences, we may well proceed directly to the fourth step.

Please note that in the case of expulsion, no refund is given and all travel expenses will be charged to the student/parent. At every stage, the student will be given an opportunity to improve their behaviour, but continuous bad behaviour will not be accepted.

Complaints procedure

  • Any student complaints or concerns should be made directly to their group leader or the Centre Management.
  • Any group leader complaints should be made directly to the Centre Management.
  • Any agency complaints should be made directly to the Kings Central Office.
  • All complaints are heard and responded to on a case-by-case basis.
  • All complaints are recorded in a complaints book or logged by the Kings Central Office and appropriate action taken.
  • If it is felt that a complaint has not been heard or responded to fairly, then a written complaint should be made and given to the Centre Management or sent to the Kings Central Office.
  • All complaints, verbal or written, are responded to and dealt with as soon as possible.

Please note: all complaints are treated confidentially and acknowledged within 24 hours.

Kings Central Office contact: