Vacation Extra Centres
Health and Safety

Transport and safety

The student's Host Family, Residence Manager or Social Monitors will show or explain to them how to get to the bus stop.

The student should write down the location and name of the bus stop nearest their Host Family or Residence and write down the bus numbers to and from college. We have bus maps available at reception.

Students must be careful when getting off the bus! They should wait on the pavement until the road is clear and not cross the road in front of the bus.

They should always cross main roads at a pedestrian crossing and wait for the green light! On other roads: Look right, look left, and look right again. When they are sure the road is clear, they can cross — walking across the road, not running!

REMEMBER! In England the cars drive on the left side of the road.

A student should not walk alone at night: they should walk with friends or share a taxi to get home. 

Students must always carry their student card.

Going out in Bournemouth

If students are aged 14–15, they must be back at the Homestay or Residence each night at 21.30 unless with their group leader.

If students are aged 16–17, they should be home each night by 22.30.  

If a student consistently stays out later than the advised time, a curfew will be set and their parents/agents will be informed.

Students must tell their Host Family or Residence Manager where they are going and when they will be coming back.

If a student plans to go out for a meal with their friends, they must tell their Host Family the day before, so that they don’t prepare a meal.

If students are under 18, they are not allowed to leave the Bournemouth area unless their Host Family, Kings Representative or a Group Leader accompanies them. If their parents have given them permission to leave the Bournemouth area, this must be put in writing and handed to the college on arrival.

Illness and medical treatment

If a student feels ill, they must tell their group leader or a member of staff immediately. Many of the staff are trained first-aiders. 

If a student has a cold or minor illness, we will arrange for the student to go to the pharmacy for advice and medicine. For more serious illnesses or where advised by the pharmacy, we will arrange for the student to visit the doctor. If a student has an accident or is seriously ill, we will arrange for them to go to hospital. 

IMPORTANT — if a student has a medical condition such as asthma or an allergy, please inform the school in writing at the time of booking. The student should also bring a note with details of their illness with them.

IMPORTANT — if a student requires a particular medicine, please ensure that the student brings the medicine with them to school. Please notify the school in writing in advance and please ensure that the student brings a note (in English) to school with details of their medication and that the student informs the college staff.

IMPORTANT — students from Europe should bring an up-to-date EHIC card to ensure that they receive free medical treatment (there will be a charge for medicines). All students should ensure that they have adequate medical/ travel insurance. This can be booked through Kings if they wish.

Child safeguarding

All our staff are appropriately trained in child safeguarding and all are background checked.

Visiting students

If a parent or family member wishes to visit a student on campus, or temporarily remove a student from the programme, they must inform the school at least 24 hours in advance and complete documentation required.

We are unable to release students to anybody, including family members, without previous communication.