Vacation Extra Centres
Money and personal belongings

Valuables and identity cards

Students should not leave any valuables (iPods, MP3 players, cameras, mobile phones) in their classroom during breaks.

They must keep their student card with them at all times. Passports should not be carried, but left in a safe place with the Host Family. If a student loses their student card, they should ask in Reception for a replacement.

The college is not responsible for the loss or theft of any bicycles parked at school.

Student Bank

Kings operates a Student Bank where students can leave pocket money (Sterling only). The Bank is open every day, Monday to Friday.

KINGS IS ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR MONEY WHICH IS DEPOSITED IN THE STUDENT BANK. We recommend students do not leave money in their suitcases.

Kings cannot look after items such as cameras, iPods, laptops, etc. and these are the students’ responsibility at all times.

Foreign money

Please note that Kings is not insured to hold foreign currency in the Student Bank.

We cannot change foreign currency and students are responsible for changing their money before they arrive in England.


Sending extra pocket money

Many students bring a reserve of emergency pocket money. We recommend that this is in Sterling travellers cheques.

In an emergency, parents can also send extra money by credit card. To do this, please fax a written authorisation to +44 (0) 20 8663 3224 with the name of the student, name of the course and the amount of money you want to send the student. The cost for this service is £5 Sterling to send £100 Sterling and £10 to send £100–200 Sterling.