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Keeping in touch

Mobile phones

It is not possible for students to use their mobile phone during lessons (for speaking, texting or internet). 

Students are welcome to bring their own mobile phones but they are responsible for looking after them. If bringing a mobile, they should remember to bring a UK adaptor for the charger. The student's name should be put on both the phone and the charger.

All calls in the UK must be paid for. Students must not use their Host Family’s phone without asking permission.

Most Host Families do not mind incoming calls, so the student's family can call them in the Host Family, but students should ask friends and family not to call before 08.30 or after 22.00.

Students can buy phone cards, for use at home and in the public telephones in the street, or buy a UK SIM card for their mobile. Staff at reception will be able to provide more information.


Students will have Internet access in college and can receive/send emails using Gmail, Hotmail, etc. WiFi is also available throughout the college and the Residence.