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Living in a residence

The Oxford student residence is a bright, modern residence which is part of Oxford Brookes University, and is less than two minutes' walk away from college, in a quiet residential area of the city. Rooms are single, with shared bathrooms, arranged in cluster flats.

All flats and rooms have their own lock. Students will be provided with a key. Please note, lost room keys can be charged.

Crescent Hall Summer Residence

As a resident, students are expected to take responsibility for their room and common areas and to behave in a considerate and responsible way towards other residents and their neighbours.

Some specific rules to follow:

  1. No overnight guests allowed. Guests must leave by 23.30. CCTV is checked regularly to monitor this.
  2. This is an alcohol free building. Students are not permitted to have alcohol here. 
  3. Audible noise should not be heard outside of the student's room or flat at all times. 
  4. Noise levels must be kept very low especially after 22.30 on Sunday–Thursday and 23.30 on Friday and Saturday nights. This includes communal areas such as stairways and corridors. Students must be quiet when they enter, leave and move around the building. 
  5. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the building. Students must use the designated smoking area and use the bin to discard cigarette ends.
  6. Students must make sure they know what to do if there is a fire, and not obstruct fire doors. They must not leave any personal items in the corridor. The Residence Manager will remove any items found in the corridor for the safety of residents.
  7. Students must be sensible about security — keep the flat doors locked at all times. 
  8. Picture hooks, pins, or Blu-Tack must not be used on walls; only the noticeboard in the student's room is to be used. Candles are not allowed. 
  9. The kitchen must be left tidy after use, so that the cleaner is able to clean the kitchen and other common areas once a week. Students are not allowed deep fat fryers in the kitchen. 
  10. Whilst common areas, the kitchen and hallway will be cleaned on a weekly basis, it is the student's responsibility to keep their own bedroom tidy, ready for the weekly clean. See the noticeboard in the kitchen for what day the kitchen will be cleaned.
  11. Students must not change bedrooms. If they wish to change room, they should speak to a member of staff.
  12. Students are financially responsible for damage caused or rules broken by them or their guest.

Extra information

Kings Staff will have access at all times to the flats. Where possible staff will always give notice.

All rooms have to be emptied when leaving.

Students should not leave any personal belongings, and keys must be returned.  

A check-out from the accommodation is required with a member of Kings staff to identify any cleaning or damage charges that the student is responsible for.